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Quality Test report

Chip type: Yeast
Test suite: Self-hybridization

Report date: 01 July 2005 11:29:49
Scanned on: 21 February 2005 11:47:58
Scanned by: GenePix 4000 (Emulated)
Array name: unknown
Array revision: unknown
Manufacturer: unknown
Doelan version: 1.0
Doelan compilation date: 01 July 2005 09:36:45


Test nameDescription635532ThresholdResult 635Result 532Global Result
Saturated pixelsTest saturated pixels of spots0.00 %0.00 %<= 10.00 %PassPassPass
HeterogeneityTest Heterogeneity of features26.85 %28.79 %<= 10.00 %FailFailFail
Abscent flagTest for absent feature flag (Flag=-75)0.00 %<= 5.00 %Pass
Minimal diameterTest minimal diameter of features18.94 %<= 10.00 %Fail
Maximal diameterTest maximal diameter of features0.29 %<= 10.00 %Pass
Not found featureTest for not found feature flag (Flag=-50)1.02 %<= 7.00 %Pass
Minimal intensityTest if the spots have the required minimal intensity0.06 %<= 10.00 %Pass
Bad spotsCount the maximal bad spots in a test suite47.89 %<= 10.00 %Fail
Bad spots removedCount the maximal bad spots removed in a test suite47.89 %<= 10.00 %Fail

Test suite result: Fail

New output Array list: Yes
New Array list generator message: The output array contains 8064 features of the 8064 features of the original file.
Empty features: 3862
Real features: 4202
Total features: 8064


Test: Saturated pixels

Test: Heterogeneity

Test: Abscent flag

Test: Minimal diameter

Test: Maximal diameter

Test: Not found feature

Test: Minimal intensity

Test: Bad spots

Test: Bad spots removed

Doelan 1.0, Copyright 2004-2005 École Normale Supérieure Microarray Platform.